Oficina is a daily canteen and food design studio co-founded by Zana Josipovic and Naiara Sabandar.

Our canteen offers a thoughtfully curated, changing menu that adapts to the seasons, catering to all palates. We prioritise high-quality produce, allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves and inspiring our vibrant, vegetable-forward dishes. Drawing inspiration from global influences, we create a blend of classic and modern flavours, resulting in pure and personal dishes. The drinks section of our canteen’s menu is distinguishable for its focus on matcha and unique selection of loose-leaf tea ranging in terroir and cultivar. 

Through our daily canteen, we share our own stories, while our food design studio allows us to tell stories of and for others. We specialise in creating multi-sensory experiences that encourage playfulness, challenging the norms of social eating etiquette and fine dining. Collaborating closely with local and international brands and institutions in the fields of art, design, and fashion, we produce these extraordinary moments. Our studio practice extends beyond food events, encompassing unique concepts, strategies, and branding projects for various food and beverage businesses. We tailor our approach to align with our clients’ vision, ensuring relevance and authenticity.

In our shop, you’ll find a range of food, non-food items, and tea and tea tools for sale. All our food products are developed and produced in-house. Some of our non-food goods are produced in collaboration with fellow designers and artisans. We sell a selection of the table- and teaware used daily in our shop, as well as many of the teas, like our ceremonial matcha, we prepare for guests. 

Our studio and canteen are in continuous collaboration. We value the power of branding and visual storytelling through food and design, establishing meaningful and enduring connection.