Our studio takes on commissions for events or culinary design projects. We conceptualise and realise dining situations, identities and goods that call upon our team’s experience in the fields of cooking and design.

Practice +

We collaborate with local and international brands and institutions to create edible extensions of the message they wish to convey. We work interdisciplinary: from culinary production and catering to food experience design, our studio practises many services in a single project. This involves thorough design research and recipe development. What we produce in response to a brief feels imbued with curiosity as our team likes to play with etiquettes and make room for new rituals. Whether it be for an event, product or a restaurant, we help our clients establish themselves by offering a full-on branding experience.

Our services:
Culinary productions,
Set design,
Recipe- and menu development,
Product innovation,
Brand identity,
Creative direction,
Packaging design,
Print- and digital design

Projects +
Kye Intimates at Carmen +

We gave a formal tea tasting for the Valentine’s Day reveal of Kye Intimates at Carmen. At this intimate gathering of fourteen people, we ritually poured two of our Taiwanese teas and shared black sesame mochi. We let guests witness methods of preparing tea, enjoy the freshly steeped liquid and hear short stories about our tea. Such a serene ceremony aligned with how Kye Intimates reminds us to foster a gentle relationship with ourselves and those we love.

IWC Schaffhausen +

Time flies by, flows along or freezes entirely, just like water, a motif of IWC’s brand. For the opening of their Amsterdam location, we engineered the phases of time and water into festive canapés.

Vinegar drops on top of a nasturtium leaf with rice tucked into it represented evaporating. A wavy pumpkin purée on shokupan toast reflected moving. Charcoal tartlets with brandade and cubes of apple vinegar jelly, as well as a pear sponge cake with meringue, captured freezing.

Valentino +

We created three snacks for a Valentino showcase at the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. Each bite was inspired by the shapes and textures in the brand’s upcoming SS24 collection. Big fortune cookies were modeled after the form of a handbag. Beet tartlets filled with beetroot hummus, pickled daikon and fish eggs accentuated velvety materials. A rice crisp on top of a herb frittata with aioli reminded viewers of cloud-like tulle fabric.

Oatly +

During the summer of 2023, we had the joy of making soft serve with Oatly at their first ever pop-up shop. For two days only, we took over the tiny venue on a corner by the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam to serve our own ice cream flavours of matcha from Uji, Japan, houjicha from Shizuoka, Japan, and stone-ground toasted black sesame seeds. We gave customers the option to add a blend of genmai and sobacha, cacao nibs, tapioca pearls in Kuromitsu syrup, and miso caramel on top of the perfectly swirled, plant-based treat. We designed digital and print posters to promote the event, as well as corresponding menus to display at the location and stickers to adorn the paper cups.

Hermès, Dutch Design Week +

At an event for Hermès during Dutch Design Week, we created a buffet around the luxury design house’s 2022 theme of ‘lightness’. 

The dishes on our menu were made of ingredients that are innately light in weight, were transformed to be lighter, or were presented as being so. The main course took inspiration from the delicacies of Korean and Japanese temple food. We incorporated elements like lotus leaves, to subtly refer to the deep yet light meanings carried by such buoyant symbols. Based on the traditions associated with the ‘light’ ingredients we chose, we designed custom table settings and unconventional surfaces to present our food on.

Loewe +

We presented a multi-course feast celebrating the opening of Loewe’s flagship store in the Netherlands. This intimate, seated dinner was held in De Thomas, a brutalist church in Amsterdam. 

We served shared starters, individual main dishes, and a grand arrangement of bite-sized desserts. As the purpose of the gathering was to welcome Loewe to a city in the Low Countries, we incorporated ingredients typical of the Dutch agricultural landscape, like seaweed, eel, kohlrabi watercress, and cheese.

Abel +

For Abel’s latest Eau de Parfum, we developed a cocktail inspired by the scent Black Anise alongwith packaging to present this drink with the perfume in a gift box. The cocktail was based on the notes of the fragrance to give recipients a different sensorial way to experience the perfume. 

A smoky lapsang tea has been stirred into a cognac infused with bitter cocoa nibs and bright star anise. The moody mix is saturated with black currant syrup and Chinati Vergano’s red bitter vermouth. Abel’s dark and daring perfume is full of mystique. We embraced that intrigue in our boxes by disguising the cocktail within layers that need to be unveiled.

Routinely +

For the launch of Amsterdam-based skincare brand, Routinely, we created a conceptual food installation inspired by their products. As Routinely makes the pure and potent products, we focused on the “essential” extracts used in their serums. We created bites based on the main ingredient in three of their thirteen serums. Our presentation of the three different snacks was based on the shape of each ingredient in its raw and original state.

High Minds x J. Hill’s Standard +

To launch smokewear products made in collaboration by High Minds and J. Hill’s Standard, we hosted a dinner in our canteen. Our four-course menu reflected the features of both what is smoked (buds) and what is used to smoke (pipes). 

We highlighted the merit of materials that both these Irish brands work with. Flowers guided our decisions for flavour and form, while crystals led our choices with texture and appearance. By having both flowers and crystals on our plate, we showcased how the two brands have grown together through this collaboration. 

Lois Jeans +

Spanish denim brand Lois Jeans invited us to serve a high tea in Ibiza for the presentation of their Collection Número Dieciocho launch. The characteristics of Oxfordshire fields, with their dry stone walls weaving through the countryside, were the source of our inspiration for the menu and styling, as this atmosphere was also the inspiration for the collection itself.

More than 80 guests were welcomed with a stone-shaped snack and a vibrant display of tea. They were then led to a 22-meter long table, upon which we reimagined a high tea’s tiered-stands by using separate slate surfaces to elevate the three courses. While following the classic format of the British culinary tradition, we showcased the Spanish setting by serving dishes such as mint, star anise scones as an adaptation of Flaó d’Eivissa.

Hermès, La Maison Hermès +

For a small symposium organised by Hermès in their Amsterdam store, we translated the brand’s annual theme of ‘lightness’ into a menu. Each item we served that night displayed the qualities of either drying, floating or transparency. 

While drying, ingredients become lighter in weight as they lose moisture. When floating, ingredients reveal their density in relation to one another. If transparent, ingredients let more light in, allowing us to see beyond their surfaces. Our menu, with an array of different kinds of sweet and savoury snacks, exhibited the materiality of lightness.

Renessence +

In the spring of 2022, Renessence, a holistic centre in Amsterdam where patrons can go to reconnect with their true essence, opened its doors. Their restorative services are interconnected with the four classical elements of water, fire, earth and air. 

The team behind Renessence hosted a celebratory gathering in their space to welcome guests in for the first time. For this opening, we served one dish per classical element. We wanted to nourish the age-old, almost innate wisdom that well-being comes from these fundamental building blocks existing in harmony.

Orginics +

Orginics is an organic gin made in Amsterdam. The distiller, Nils, experiments in small batches with niche Dutch ingredients. We were tasked to devise an identity for Orginics, a new product line that would still carry an authentic edge of the core brand. 

Our label design for Orginics has two stickers, one is notably an enlarged ‘seal’ that was historically used in distilleries. The icon on this seal is an adaptation of the “O” and “G” of Orginics, as it is an OG (short for “Original”) product.

Viktor & Rolf x Zalando +

Up-cycling was the core value of this collaboration between Viktor & Rolf and Zalando. The Dutch fashion designers utilised overstock fabric to make a unique collection. We were invited to serve bites and drinks for the launch of this collection. 

To do so, we extended the theme of up-cycling into our menu. Our concept took shape through three thematic, unconventional encounters, each using up-cycled food. The styling of our food was inspired by the setting of a gallery space.

The Glass House +

In celebration of the work of sound artist Jennie C. Jones, we were commissioned to create an edible installation at Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut. For our menu, we took inspiration from Jones’ audio collage as well as the Sculpture Gallery’s geometric architectural forms.

Revival of the Forgotten Taste +

We started this project at the beginning of the pandemic, when restaurants in The Netherlands had to first close their doors. We noticed that many farmers were struggling to get their produce in the hands of locals. This was especially true for the farmer we work closely with, Wim Bijma, especially since he only works with restaurants. 

We decided to collaborate with Wim by giving people a chance to cook with his vegetables, ones that you usually couldn’t find anywhere else. This project consisted of a print publication with recipes and was accompanied by a box of Wim’s fresh vegetables.